Big Portatutto “dogs” + yellow


In un portatutto grande ci sta il tuo telefono, le chiavi, le monetine, ma anche le lettere d’amore, un mazzo di carte, le tessere del domino o le liste dei tuoi sogni!

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Handy and versatile bag, the perfect size to keep in your handbag for your keys, card holder, phone and coins. Made to carry the essentials only, alternative to a small purse, beauty case or wallet.  Most of the bags are UNIQUE PIECES. Dimensions 19 cm wide x 16 cm high Our Big Make-up Bags are the perfect gift for your friends! Handmade with limited series fabrics. Each of our bags are handcrafted, individually assembled, lined with reinforced fabric on top and paired with a synthetic leather base. The inside is lined with polka-dots fabric; on top a synthetic leather lace with a snap-hook is attached to a zipper to secure your items.Big